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Our Team

Hung fat Ho

As a family-based corporation, having more than 80 staff in our team, Hung Fat Ho is committed to building a vibrant and harmony working environment for our staff, in a place where everyone belongs, and work as one team one family. We care deeply about making Hung Fat Ho a place where everyone can learn, grow and have an impact.

We are building belonging through products, workplace, technology and society; encouraging our staff to care for the community, by which regularly participate in volunteer events, such as elderly center visits, and charity give away rice to give a hand to those who are in need.

Victoria Kwong, General Manager

We understand the importance that food plays in our lives, the power of connecting people, families, friends and communities together. We value this as a company with over 40 years of experience, Asia Grocery Limited brings together every core value of our business: integrity, customer service, partnerships, food safety and people training.


Entrepreneurship is in our genes, to bring worldwide quality food and beverage brands, companies and partners through my expertise. Internally, we are proud to be a value-driven company, care about both the physical and mental health of my team, talent development, office efficiencies and systems advancement. This leads to positivity, we grow and succeed together as one.



Alex Wong from Sales Department, entry in 2010

I have been working at Hung Fat Ho Food Limited for 11 years, mainly in the sales department. It is a rewarding job that has allowed me to meet different kinds of people and has brought me a great sense of achievement.


The Covid-19 outbreak has had a negative impact on different industries and has brought us many challenges. I am grateful to my colleagues in various departments for their support. Thus, we have been able to overcome the difficulties and achieve a good results.


We have highly motivated teams and a strong focus on customers and we all work together to overcome these challenges.

Tsang Ting Fung from Warehousing Department, entry in 2016

I have been with Hung Fat Ho Food Limited for 5 years and I have been through a lot of changes here. The company has given me a lot of responsibility and involved me in discussions. I have learnt a lot of useful skills and knowledge. This company is quite prospective and the business of our company is getting better and better. I am proud to be a part of the company.

May Sin from Customer Service Department, entry in 2019

I am glad that I have met good colleagues who get along well with each other through working at Hung Fat Ho Food Limited. We are a big and warm family and the relationship between us is good.In recent years, the social atmosphere has been very bad, which has reinforced my feelings about this. Apart from that, my boss provides a lot of opportunities for me, which makes me improve a lot.

Wendy Leung from Sales Department, entry in 2021

Although I am a new comer, I enjoy working at Hung Fat Ho Food Limited since I can communicate with different kinds of people, which enriches my life. The working hours are flexible and the staff benefits are good. Moreover, my supervisor and colleagues take good care of me. They help me from time to time and teach me a lot. We are just like a big family.