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Our Brands

Food is cultural and beautiful, as a strategic partner, we emerge our expertise in our market, customers and strategies, day in day out, together we grow both quantitatively and qualitatively by bringing the best ingredients for our customers.

Our business partners and the brands play a vital role in our success, we dedicate ourselves to our partnership and friendship to drive the business forward, highly respect the brands’ identity and quality.

Hung Fat Ho is a trusted partner for brands and products looking to grow their business in Hong Kong and beyond, we offer our partners the expertise they need most, our unique business model fuels the growth and is deeply rooted in the ever-growing markets in Hong Kong and the closely connected regions around.

House Brands

“Food Boy” is Hung Fat Ho’s own canned food brand. The owner of Hung Fat Ho was born and raised in Hong Kong. When he was a child, he helped his family’s grocery store deliver goods. He was once teased by his classmates as “Food Boy.”

Although he was teased, he was happy to be able to deliver to customers on time and was appreciated by customers, so he determined to take care of the business for his family. Later, he founded the canned food brand “Food Boy”,

It means not forgetting the original intention, and symbolizing the unswerving and dedicated spirit, and continuing to provide local customers with reliable and high-quality services and products.

“Star King” is Hung Fat Ho’s own brand. It uses high-quality raw materials and repackages to ensure quality and freshness.

Launching a wide range of food, beverages and groceries, mainly providing ingredients for local restaurants, large and small, is a good choice for chefs.

Partner Brands

A reputable Italian brand, among famous in canned food, source from Italy domestic, made with the typical Italian essence, especially the tomatoes and Olive oil have been accredited and selected by most of star-rated chefs, Castello products complements to your wide range of great delicacies.

The World of Dole Learn how one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of high-quality fruit spreads sunshine around the globe.

Story of Dole can be traced back to established in Hawaii in 1851 Since the founder of the brand James Dole planted the world’s sweetest and juicy pineapple in Hawaii on 1901, Dole has been committed to providing consumers with selected fruit products James Dole put forward his famous quality promise:

“We established this company based on the highest quality, quality and quality”. 170 years later, Dole has become the world’s leading supplier of fruits and vegetables, and remains firm in his original goal.


Fred and Chloe only source milk from farms that treat their cows well and care for the environment. At FnC, the logic is simple, healthy cows make tasty milk, and milk that tastes good should be kept pure & simple. The Milk is 100% free preservatives, rBST and antibiotics.

A Greek pasta production company operating since 1939 dedicated in the production of various pasta products made of 100% durum wheat semolina and their distribution all over the world.

Mera supplies great dairy ingredients that inspire chefs and foodservice operators to complement your culinary creations and delight your customers with excellent, well-prepared recipes.

Orasi has been created based on the love for our lands and passion for agriculture.

Our founder, Mr. Martini, invested for many years on farming, helping local farmers to maintain their business ongoing also in tough times.

Five years ago, Orasi was launched on the Italian market with the purpose to offer a healthy and sustainable alternative to dairy milk.

Our main ingredients are coming from our Dante farm, just 30 km away from the main processing plant, lowering the CO2 emission and the carbon footprint. On top of this, we only use renewable energy to produce all the Orasi range.

Today we are among the most popular plant-based brand in Asia, with one of the widest offers.

Founded in 1883, with more than 100 years Ferrara has been an excellence over the time of quality pasta, meets the highest national and international quality standards of the high technical expertise of Ferrara family, possession of Italian pride.


Tartuferia Italiana was founded in 1911 in Montecastrilli, Italy. A business run since the foundation by the members of the same family dedicated to preserve and share with the world the truffle tradition passing from generation to generation the heritage of high- quality truffle products and customer’s satisfaction. Truffles are the most mysterious and precious fruit given by the forest, highly sought after for their unique and distinctive aroma and delicacy, it takes great knowledge and skill to preserve the taste and quality intact.